Pil Geun, Lee


Welcome to Suwon Convention Center!

It has been a year sine the Suwon Convention Center opened in Suwon, an innovative city built on the dream and passion of the King Jeongjo, the 22nd ruler of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. We have been seeking for an opportunity to help you enhance the value of your events by providing a best MICE venue. The SCC, as the Suwon’s landmark harmonizing the state-of-the-art technologies and the nature on the basis of a splendid history and tradition, is expected to open a new chapter in your MICE history.

Reinventing Suwon, an innovative city full of extraordinary traditions, as a global MICE city

We will be committed to advancing the city Suwon into a globally renowned MICE platform. In doing so, we will put our utmost efforts in successfully hosting various and prominent international conferences and MICE events including the upcoming “Fourth Forum of Ministers and Environment Authorities of Asia-Pacific”.

Realizing Green MICE in Suwon, an eco-friendly city

The Suwon Convention Center is located next to Gwanggyo Lake Park recognized its landscape design by winning the Grand Prize in South Korea’s Landscape Awards. With the park’s beautiful scenic view, the SCC always puts environment on its top priority. In this regard, we will strive to develop and implement green MICE contents and conference technologies to take the lead in a sustainable MICE industry.

Developing local contents to foster Suwon’s own MICE culture

We will be dedicated to establishing reputation as a globally recognized exhibition and convention center based on Suwon’s specialty. To that end, we will seek for developing and hosting distinguished MICE events special to Suwon such as “ Suwon Global Forum of the UNESCO World Heritage Cities’ and ‘Suwon International Water & Toilet Show’.


The Suwon Convention Center will join you to build the future of your dream here in Suwon, the city of abundant traditions, cultural heritages, and beautiful natural landscapes.

Thank you.


President of Suwon Convention Center
 Pil Geun, Lee