Woonsuk Baek



Greetings, welcome to Suwon Convention Center.

In March 2019, after a long wait, Suwon Convention Center opened in the innovative city of Suwon, the dream of Joseon’s reformist King Jeongjo.

Suwon is taking a step further as a city that considers culture and environment, and Suwon Convention Center will amplify the identity of that brand.

Accordingly, Suwon Convention Center will strive to accentuate Suwon as a cultural-ecological city.

We invite you to join us in establishing Suwon as an international MICE city with its distinct style of MICE complex. Let us gather our sensibilities, wisdom, and capacity together.

By hosting and supporting major international conferences and exceptional MICE events, developing Green MICE industries and MICE infrastructure, we will present our visitors with the optimal experience of cultural-ecological city, and our residents the foundations for the local economic development.

We hope you could unleash your MICE aspirations in Suwon, the city that embraces beautiful natural scenery and traditional cultural heritage such as King Jeongjo’s Suwon Hwaseong Fortress.

Thank you.